Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Check out our Publicity

Look at our family pictures posted on a London bus stop.

Cute Sloane making a monster face.
Sloane's new album is about to drop.
They love her at the mall.
Our family in city lights.
A sexy dress of Sloane polaroids.

Sloane's new billboard.
They love us in Europe
An inner city masterpiece
Go check out this website http://photofunia.com
You can make your own, it is really fun, enjoy it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

our summer fun

Lance finished his Master's this summer so we have to move from Boulder to LA, but before we moved to LA we spent time in UT and Taiwan visiting family and friends.

Sloane's first time in a Uhaul truck, she is really excited because she can sit in the front row with us.
Sloane is not really a good eater but she loves to sit in the high chair and eat with her cousin Taylor.
what a nice sharing moment.
Sloane and granduncle at Grace's grandmother's house.

The house is 100 years old. Grace's Dad grew up in this house.
Night market in Taiwan, the place where Grace missed a lot while living in the US.
Sloane and Grace's friend Sammi's daughter.
Grace's friend Sammi and her husband. We hung out at their cabin on the mountain.
There is a pond outside of the cabin, Sloane loved the fishes and kept feeding them.

Lance loved their cabin because it was much cooler on the mountain, Taiwan is really hot in the summer.
Family dinner, we went to visit Grace's aunt and their family. It was fun.
Daoist temple

Sloane and grandma.

Lance caught a small crab, Sloane was so scared to touch it but she was really interested in watching the crab run.

Grace and her little brother who is 10 years younger than her.

Summer in Taiwan

Here are some of the pics we took in Taiwan. Grace's family finally got the chance to meet Sloane this summer. We had so much fun together.
Sloane enjoyed playing with the toys at the library. Grace's Mom and Dad liked to take her over there.
Sloane and grandpa

Sloane and Auntie Lesley at Changhua city where the famous big Buddha is. You can see that in the back of this picture.

Sloane loves to walk outside with her little cute purse.

Sloane wore kimono at Japanese Sushi restaurant.
She loves the big Teddy Bear.

Sloane and Auntie Kathy are waiting for the High speed Train, it just only takes 50 mins from Taichung to Taipei.
Lance's friend Ammon came to visit us in Taiwan, we took him out to eat with Grace's family and friends.

I love this pic that Ammon took. We were in the famous place called Sun Moon Lake.
Riding the Scooter in Taiwan is really common but we all agree that once is enough.

Sloane's first visit to the zoo.
Sloane got a panda backpack from Auntie lesley, She loves it, thank you so much Auntie lesley.
Sloane saw some birds walk on the ground, she is making the bird face in the picture.

Panda Panda, it was a long line outside, everyone came to the zoo for the panda, I guess.

We spent the whole day at the zoo and had lots of fun.