Friday, September 10, 2010

Gebby's funeral, Utah visit, Sequoia NP . . .

Sloane and Taylor got together again after Taylor's visit to LA, this time in Phoenix for Gebby's funeral. It was a good service and it was nice to see the family again. Sloane is always happy when she gets to see Tay-tay.

Phoenix was super hot, especially outside in the sun.

We spent a lot of the weekend hanging out in Gebby's house with the entire family.

We also got to see Eli and, unfortunately, Loren.

Sloane and Taylor got dressed up for the service at the chapel.

Back in LA.

At the pond in the Japanese garden at the Torrance City Center.

Sloane was trying to feed the fish, but I don't think they liked bread.

After Summer Quarter was over we took a quick road-trip to Utah to hang out with family again.

The girls had a good time even if they were only wearing waterproof diapers.

Back in the car on the drive up to Sequoia National Park. We spent a day up here in early September--it is only about a 3 and 1/2 hours drive from our house. Sloane is chomping away on some apple slices.

We stopped at a restaurant just outside the park. This is Sloane's patented camera "smile." You can tell because both sets of teeth are perfectly visible.

We do our best to catch some candid shots of her while she is unaware of the camera, but they usually don't come out too well.

Sleeping while standing.

She settled down as soon as she got her hands on some pink lemonade--easily her favorite drink. This one was fully disgusting, though.

After about 50 switchbacks we finally got to the park entrance. It was worth the drive if only to get out of the summer heat of the San Joaquin valley. From the base of the Sierra Nevada on the western side, the park road ascends about 7000 feet. The temperature in the park is probably 20-25 degrees cooler than down on the valley floor. The trip is part of our long-term plans to visit every national park in the park system. Ambitious, we know, but probably well worth the time and money it will take to accomplish this goal.

Giant Sequoias are stunning.

Standing on a fallen giant.

Next to its uprooted base.

Driving through Tunnel Log. Grace jumped out and took this shot. There were too many cars to get multiple shots.

General Sherman is the largest tree in the world. Its diameter at chest-height is 40 feet. Its bark is 3 feet thick in some places. Coastal Redwoods grow taller, but those are up in Northern CA. We'll save those for another trip.

Sloane after the hike to General Sherman. She clung to that little baby doll the whole way.