Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pool Day and St.Patrick Day

Sloane and Grace went to the pool with our friends Jaime and Lauren. The weather in LA is prefect for hanging out in the pool, Sloane didn't have a swimming suit (she had one but it was too small, and she just only wore it once), also Grace thought she wouldn't go into the pool because she doesn't like to take baths, but after 5 mins of watching all her friends playing in the pool, she decided to go . . .

Sloane is ready, even though she doesn't have her swimming suit on.

She doesn't want to just watch the other kids play.

Here we are. Sloane was kicking very hard to try to keep herself afloat. She enjoyed it, we are going to come to the pool a lot this summer.

Sloane and Grace. Everyone was already tired and resting next to the pool but Sloane was still full of energy.

Nice shot of Gaige who is just one month older than Sloane.

Bentley, Alex, Austin, and Sloane were having some snacks by the pool.

Grace and Jaime, I am very lucky to have a cool family living next to us. Jaime has two little boys, she always invites us to do lots of fun things and Sloane loves to play with her two boys. (well pretty much just follow them around).

This is Lauren. Hers is another cool family living next to us. Last week Lance was in China and Sloane was sick with a high fever for three nights straight, she helped me out a lot with this. Believe me it is very hard when your husband is not around and your kid is sick. You just need to have someone to talk to.

Jenna invited us to her house for a St. Patrick's Day party but Grace forgot to bring her camera, so we took some pics after we got home. We had a good time eating all the green food and drinking green milk. Sloane even got a green hat, a necklace, and a pot of gold.