Friday, January 15, 2010

Beach Day

Sloane and her friend Lorna went to the beach on Tuesday afternoon. It was nice because not a lot of people were there and they could run around. At the beginning she didn't like the feeling of sand but she definitely got used to it later.

This is a rare sight in Santa Monica--usually this place is packed.

The ocean water in California is pretty cold but Sloane was brave enough to wade through it a little.

Sloane's little footprints in the sand are so cute.

This is a video of Sloane going a little nuts running around in the sand. This was her first time touching sand with her bare feet and I think she can't believe how fun it is. It sounds like a puppy but it is really Sloane squeaking that you hear.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year

We had lots of fun visiting UT at Christmas break, it was cold but we still got the chance to see all the family and enjoy time with them. We went to Temple Square with Grandest, Grandeur, uncle Lyman, Auntie Kelli, and Taylor.

Sloane loves to hang out with Taylor. It was really cold outside so both of them had big coats and hats on.
Beautiful lights.
Three generations.

Family picture.
Uncle Loren is going to take Sloane out to play with snow.

Sloane was afraid of Shmoo at first but Grandeur and Auntie Lane showed her how to pet her. After a while Sloane was brave enough to play with her.
uncle Lance and Jacob
I love this picture of Jacob.
Sloane got lots of presents--thank you Santa.
She loves Minnie Mouse, I guess we have to take her to Disneyland soon.
Sloane and Ma Ma
opening gifts--thank you Auntie Lane
visiting Santa's place..

Happy time together watching a DVD.
playing in the snow with ba ba

Visiting friends. Sloane finally got to meet baby Kingston.