Tuesday, December 15, 2009

end of 2009

This was our first time driving up the coast and we definitely recommend Santa Barbara. The Harbor is full of local artists' exhibitions. You can walk down a couple different piers and take water taxis between them. The city's main street leads right out to the water and is lined with all kinds of good restaurants: fish tacos, sushi, burgers, etc. Go there.

Walt Disney's star on Hollywood Blvd. So far Sloane likes Minnie Mouse and Pooh Bear. Disney gave us some good things, even if he was an anti-semite.

Sloane can't let go of her water bottle.
One of the few times Sloane has been happy during a bath. She usually looks like this:

Her favorite Anpanman (アンパンマン) jacket. When she gets this on it is really hard to get it off her back.
You! You were the one!
Happy times after a bath.

Hold me!
Another cold day in LA.

She is becoming attached to Betsy Bear, which is okay because Betsy is small and easy to take care of.
Waiting for the bus.
Santa Monica Pier.
Free clown balloons on the pier.

Hold me!
Don't look at me!