Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sloane's first picnic

We took Sloane to Scott Carpenter Park in Boulder for a picnic. We were too lazy to make our own food for the picnic so we got some takeout from Chipotle instead. It was just about Sloane's nap-time but she couldn't get to sleep because of all of the distractions around her. It has been too cold in Boulder to do anything outside for so long, but this week it warmed up about 20 degrees. 

A guy next to us doing some meditation. This is a very common occurrence; there are a lot of wannabe Buddhists in this town.  
Sloane wants to grab mommy's sunglasses and bite them. Well, she probably wants to put them on herself, but she can't figure out how to do it so she ends up just biting them instead. 

She was afraid to touch the grass. When the ball rolled off the blankets it took a lot of courage to reach out and get it. 
It looks like she can catch the ball but she can't. 

I told you she likes to bite the sunglasses. 

First time on a swing. 
Looks like she likes it. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paris and London: final days

Sloane is cute.

Atlanta airport. Lance and Sloane were both totally sick on the flight home from Heathrow. Sloane threw-up on both Lance and Grace, more on Grace. She threw-up over Grace's shoulder onto her seat, and when Grace sat back in her chair she got it all over her back. She threw-up down Lance's chest mid-flight. He had no other clothes, so he just wore these dirty ones the whole time. He is even sleeping in them in this picture. 
Poor baby Sloane.

Sloane didn't really notice the planes.
On the Heathrow Connect with Grandma Crisler.
Catching our last cab ride. 
We made a stop at Sloane Street. This is London's high fashion district. Harrods in also near by. 

On the tube home for the last time. 

Kensington Palace. This is the King's hall, near his painting room. 
Princess Diana's former bedroom. 
A bus.
You had wait in line for about an hour to get into this store at Selfridges on Oxford Street. 
Sunny London. 
Sloane's seat on the Eurostar. 
She likes the bullet-train. 
last happy morning in gay Paris. 
Still so sleepy, and a little sick. 
We went to Le Marais.
Got food at a Falafel joint down in the Jewish section of Le Marais.

Good Jewish/French eats. Frekken good. You should go. 
Look at Sloane and you can see just how good the food was. Her cheeks are stuffed.

Le Marais is definitely worth a stop. Cool shops and streets. 
Lots of shops like this. 
And shops like this.
Along the Rue de Rivoli. This is a good shopping district. 

Sloane was too sick to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, so we just got some pictures. It was way too cold that day, too. You should go to Paris in May or June, probably much more comfortable. 
Grace wanted to check out the Red Light District and the Molin Rouge. This is the subway stop, if you're interested. 

It is much more exciting on the inside, I'm sure. 
This guy was sitting on some street. 
Paris from Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. 

Pickpockets are running a new scam on this hill where they put a little piece of thread on our wrist, then ask you to pay for it while they empty your pockets.  
On the road to Bussy-Sainte-Georges.
Sick of museums. More pictures from the Louvre. 

Sloane and the Sphinx. 
Venus de milo.