Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sloane at about 6 months

This is Sloane's first time in a Chinese buffet, hopefully it will be her last. Thank you Auntie Helene and Uncle Taylor for the beautiful outfit.

She got down on the cantaloupe. One of her very first fruit tastings.

baby 可以坐著洗澡好可愛囉

She is like a prisoner in her cage. She really hates to be in her crib but there is not much we can do for her.

More Sloane

Sloane doesn't get the bottle very often, but she is quick to grab hold when she gets the chance.
Ever since she learned to stand up the crib is no longer a safe place; she has cracked her head many a time against these wooden slats. Notice the classic Uncle Lane facial expression.
I was trying to teach her "3 Little Speckled Frogs" but I think I lost her.
A cold day in Boulder. Sloane usually rocks some type of hat.

She started crawling at 5 and 1/2 months which means that wev'e had to start baby-proofing our place.

This is the first time Lance fed Sloane with a spoon. She is dining on Gerber's rice cereal. She didn't get too much of this meal into her mouth. But she has gotten better at swallowing stuff.


This is Sloane's first Halloween, we took her with us to the Pearl Street Mall to watch the crazies. She dressed up as a little pink bear. It was pretty cold that night, so Sloane was happy to have her bear costume and Mommy's scarf.

Here is President Bush and friends.
This is Sloane showing her support for Barack Obama. Actually, someone was practically forcing everyone to put on these stickers. She is with Lance's friend Nick.

Happy Halloween everyone. See you next year.