Wednesday, September 24, 2008


She's been able to laugh for while, but we've only recently been able to get her to do it on command. Hopefully this is the first of many laughing posts.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sloane's incessant rash

We recommend Vaseline and Aquaphor. All other baby lotions are pretty much good for nothing, at least for us.

Doctor visits, new toys, and other follies

Sloane was pretty stoked to be in the doctor's office. This was before the doctor showed up, of course. That was when everything changed. We took her in to see about a skin rash that has gotten progressively worse for about two weeks. A few days ago we noticed that she started scratching at her neck and ear. The doctor said that 4-month-olds usually aren't that dextrous with their hands. So she thought that either Sloane was particularly good with her hands or the rash was particularly itchy.
Totally unaware of the impending doom that is about to walk through the door.
Our friend Ann Freeman gave us this elaborate baby contraption. Sloane can't really fit--her feet don't touch the bott0m yet--but she seems to enjoy it nonetheless.

After a long, hard day.
Sloane's swing usually gives us some funny pictures. It makes her scrunch up her face to produce this jowly effect.

Check out Sloane's first boo-boo. You can barely make it out--see the red streak just above her hair line. Sloane's mommy wasn't paying attention and let her fall over, cracking her skull on the side of the laptop. If you think this sounds bad, it happened just one day after the very same mommy let Sloane roll off the bed to floor (our bed isn't on a frame so it's pretty close to floor, but still!!). The picture above this one shows that Sloane got over both incidents pretty quickly.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another week in Boulder

We are a little swamped with the start of school but we found some time to go out a take a few pictures. Plus, we felt like we kind of had to. People in Boulder have an obsession with outdoor activities so we paid an obligatory visit to the latest festival/farmer's market/free concert etc. We also started trying out the over-the-shoulder baby sack. This is something that Sloane can get down with.