Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 14 is my birthday!

This was my birthday dinner--Four Cheese pasta. Lance's mom took me out to The Cheesecake good. Thank you mommy.

Also, this was Sloane's first outing. She went to see the doctor already but this time she went out on the town. Later I felt stupid because I didn't bring anything with me. No diaper bag, no blanket (we had to cover her in Lance's sweater), no nothing. I'm such a bad mother!!!!!!!!! But I'll get better, I promise.

My rule this year was that Lance couldn't spend any money on my birthday present. So this is what he came up with: he went around Boulder collecting different blossoms from trees. I like these way better than any of the other flowers he gave. Those were nice too, but these are way better. I think he had to pay a little money for the card, though. When I made this rule I thought he could write me a little something, and I was right. In the card he wrote a poem about my birthday and the month of May. He wrote me a poem before when we were dating and he drew a picture of the two of us walking through some kind of space-age field. The poem was good but the picture I thought was a little......uhhhh.
This time the poem was better.

Lane also sent me some beautiful flowers; I love them (check the pic). My parents-in-law also gave me some lotion and some really spicy crackers from Japan. Great birthday! I got a new daughter, a weeklong visit from my mother-in-law, and some cool presents from family.

Next year you can all come and participate in my birthday celebration. I accept all types of gifts.

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Kenny and Linsey said...

Happy Birthday. Cheesecake Factory is so yummy - what a great first outing for Sloane - good to get her acquainted with their food early.