Monday, June 2, 2008

This is the 16th Street Mall in Denver. Denver is supposed to be one of the best cities in the country these days. We think it's okay, but there are a few too many sports bars. Anyways, it was good to get Sloane out on the town. She doesn't really fit in her car-seat yet, but she seems to dig getting strapped into it. We stopped at some random restaurant to feed her. We're still trying to master breastfeeding when we are outdoors. It gets a little tricky sometimes. Starbucks is turning out to be a lifesaver--quiet corners and changing tables in the bathrooms.


Farlanderz said...

grace did you really have a baby last month - cuz you can't tell! you look gorgeous! tay and I are moving far far away to Halifax for dental school! are you guys coming out here anytime this summer? we are leaving mid-july or early august and I have a baby gift sitting in my closet for you!

The Betitas said...

wow! Biggest congrats to you guys. Thats cool news! Nice to hear bout how things are. I was trying to figure out who she looks more like but its official she has an awesome mixture of features from both of you. Guess thats how it works!