Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sloane at about 6 months

This is Sloane's first time in a Chinese buffet, hopefully it will be her last. Thank you Auntie Helene and Uncle Taylor for the beautiful outfit.

She got down on the cantaloupe. One of her very first fruit tastings.

baby 可以坐著洗澡好可愛囉

She is like a prisoner in her cage. She really hates to be in her crib but there is not much we can do for her.


Linsey said...

She is getting so big. We are so excited to see you all in a few weeks.

the farlanderz said...

I am so glad that outfit finally fits her and the beanie with it is perfect -

The Crislers said...

Yeah for the update!!! Cant wait to see you guys.