Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sloane's first picnic

We took Sloane to Scott Carpenter Park in Boulder for a picnic. We were too lazy to make our own food for the picnic so we got some takeout from Chipotle instead. It was just about Sloane's nap-time but she couldn't get to sleep because of all of the distractions around her. It has been too cold in Boulder to do anything outside for so long, but this week it warmed up about 20 degrees. 

A guy next to us doing some meditation. This is a very common occurrence; there are a lot of wannabe Buddhists in this town.  
Sloane wants to grab mommy's sunglasses and bite them. Well, she probably wants to put them on herself, but she can't figure out how to do it so she ends up just biting them instead. 

She was afraid to touch the grass. When the ball rolled off the blankets it took a lot of courage to reach out and get it. 
It looks like she can catch the ball but she can't. 

I told you she likes to bite the sunglasses. 

First time on a swing. 
Looks like she likes it. 


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J-lucky et Yuricita said...

Its very beautiful place for the picnic! We just came back in Quebec from Japan yesterday. I hope we can do the same in Quebec, but we have not nice summer for this year look like...;( but well try to enjoy! take care!