Friday, January 15, 2010

Beach Day

Sloane and her friend Lorna went to the beach on Tuesday afternoon. It was nice because not a lot of people were there and they could run around. At the beginning she didn't like the feeling of sand but she definitely got used to it later.

This is a rare sight in Santa Monica--usually this place is packed.

The ocean water in California is pretty cold but Sloane was brave enough to wade through it a little.

Sloane's little footprints in the sand are so cute.

This is a video of Sloane going a little nuts running around in the sand. This was her first time touching sand with her bare feet and I think she can't believe how fun it is. It sounds like a puppy but it is really Sloane squeaking that you hear.


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laqne said...

so cute!

rian said...

Wish we had your weather. Nothing like a beach day with your family.

K. Crisler said...

Oh how i wish we were in Cali too! Taylor misses Sloane like crazy. Love you guys!

mountainmama said...

Sloane is so beautiful. It looks like things are going well.