Sunday, June 13, 2010

San Diego

It's coming up on the end of Spring Quarter so we decided to go visit our friends in San Diego. This is Ryan, Kristen, Maggie, and Jane Lindsay. After the USA v. England World Cup match draw (1-1) we headed to the beach to cruz for a little while.

They took us to this beach called The Cove. It was a pretty happening place. There were caves, sea lions, whales, long-distance swimmers, and tons of people everywhere. When Sloane plays on the shore she is still a little scared of the waves and won't let go of her daddy.

She got soaked from head to toe, which is okay because the water in San Diego is a little warmer than in Santa Monica. It is also a lot cleaner.

Sloane and Maggie got along pretty well.

And this is Sloane making a her patented fake smile for the camera, while Maggie rotates her wrists in excitement.

Lance took her pretty close to the water where she would get fully splashed with the water.

Sloane loves the beach.

The Cove is a pretty scenic little beach park. This is in La Jolla just north of San Diego and just west of UCSD.

Kristen playing with baby Jane.

A lonely seal.
Seals soaking up the sun on the other side of The Cove.

Sloane was stoked by the seals. She's never seen them before and was little confused at first because they mostly just lay there lazily sun-bathing. Some of them got a little feisty, though, especially when one of the younger ones would restlessly climb on top of the others.

Sloane got really focused.


laqne said...

New Swimsuit for Sloanie! She looks so cute in the water.
What a doll
~ Lane

Kati said...

sending fan love your way! great blog! thanks for sharing!