Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thanksgiving break

Sloane's first taste of water through a straw. We were sitting in Sam Hawk (one of Provo's best restaurants) and Sloane looked like she wanted to try some water. She couldn't suck it up from the normal position, so I held it for her and she seemed to do okay. If you go to Sam Hawk we recommend the Kimchee Jegae, but you can always go with the Beef Bulgogi if you are not feeling very adventurous.
This is one of many pictures that captures Sloane's masterful skills in drooling. See how she deftly balances a choice drip of saliva on the tip of her chin.
Sloane learning to play with other babies. Lyman and Kelli brought Taylor to visit Boulder over the Thanksgiving break. Sloane doesn't get to play with other kids very often--pretty much never--so this was good for her to begin to learn what it means to share. Taylor did a much better job than Sloane.
Santa was giving out free pictures on Pearl Street. Sloane doesn't seem very excited, though.
Sloane and Taylor after we stopped off at Crepes a la Cart on Pearl Street. This restaurant is good: sweet and savory crepes, tons of flavors to choose from. It was one of the highlights of the trip.
We didn't want to cook Thanksgiving dinner, so we ate at the Marriott Hotel in Boulder. The meal was crazy good--the best Thanksgiving food I've ever had. Sloane was being a bad girl the whole time.Taylor was chillin but Sloane was not happy.
Lyman, Kelli, and Tayor stayed at our friends house. Thanks to the McMurtreys for being such good hosts.

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