Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Activities at Boulder Public Library and Flatiron Crossing

This is the playground at the mall. It is really the first time that Sloane could enjoy these kinds of toys. 

Story time at the library. Only Sloane is paying attention to the teacher. 

The library playground is a little more oriented for education.  

This last shot is from mommy's hand-therapy hospital in Mapleton. 


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HelloKitty said...

LANCE! omg omg omg omg IT'S FLAVIA!!!!! O-M-G! did you forget hello kitty was like, my face thing EVER?! please tell me you have facebook! i am DYING! i have been giggling for like 10 min...!!!

Makaio said...
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Makaio said...

i've noticed when i read your blog, you are wearing a few of my clothes. i want my shit back.