Tuesday, March 31, 2009

London first impressions: sunny and nicer than New York

Sloane loved the flight from New York to London.
Lance and Grace loved finally getting food and movies on a plane. We hate domestic flights in the USA and all of the supposed cost-cutting strategies.
This is outside Grandma and Grandpa Crisler's apartment in London. We rested up a few hours because we were a little tired after the flight from the US.
Palace Court is a beautiful place and it was nice to be back.
Then we hit the streets to check out this city. We couldn't resist sitting on the upper-deck of a London bus.
Our excitement was only somewhat stymied by the gridlock on Bayswater.
Window shopping on Regent Street
led us straight to Piccadilly Circus.
If you try hard you can just make out Sloane's little face between us.
First time on the London Underground for Sloane and Grace--much more comfortable than New York's rickety old subway.
Tower Bridge

We were too late to get into the Tower of London that night so we spent some time taking pictures around the outside.

St. Paul's Cathedral
This is just outside Leicester Square. We spent most of the day walking around the city and wandering in and out of different streets.
Sloane dug he tube.
Check out the creepy guy peering into the picture in the background.

A long day of travel and sightseeing. We were ready for some sleep.


rian said...

what an awesome trip. Have a great time. Next time we fly can we trade in our kids for Sloane?

Makaio said...

your trip sucked

Kathy said...


Kathy said...

To Grace
有辣媽的Feeling 喔

the farlanderz said...

i love the photos of grace and sloane in the bjorn peeking her pretty little face out -