Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hernia surgery

Lance right before he went in to the OR to get surgery to repair his hernia. They were about to inject him with a dose of Versed, which is an ultra-fast acting psychoactive drug that they give before sending the patient all the way under. This is the second surgery that Lance has had since we moved to Boulder--the first time he got his gall bladder removed. Hopefully this will be that last hospital visit for a very long time. 
We were the last ones in the hospital that night so Sloane could roam freely throughout the halls. The doctor scheduled the operation for after-hours. That was good of him, but I bet the nurses were a little upset. 
Sloane learning to walk with the push-cart bear. 
She even stopped by Lance's bed for a short visit. 
But she didn't want to stay long. 

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the farlanderz said...

What kind of stunts you been pulling to tear up your biz?