Friday, September 25, 2009

Back in U.S. and A.

We made it back to America where after a brief sojourn at Mom and Pop's house in Provo we started our move out to L.A. We stayed at the Plaza in north Las Vegas.
It was near the Fremont Experience and one of the more ghetto places we've ever been to in our lives together.

Sloane found new enjoyment with the hose outside the Utah house. We sprayed her down with water several times. We had to let her try out her swimming suit before she out grew it.

It was a long drive to California and this was one of the rare occasions when Sloane was not crying on the road.
Farewell to Auntie Lesley at the airport in Taiwan.
We took a trip to Shan Lin Xi, which is one of Taiwan's national parks. There is this 3,000-year-old cyprus tree called Shen Mu.

Sloane enjoyed the Onigiri--it is one of her favorite foods.


the farlanderz said...

Yo dogs, welcome back. What is all this SHi about LA living??? Sloan is really pretty! Swear, these babies grow up a little fast eh? We miss yous. So, this next summer we have to plan some goods. Helene and I are thinking about a mega road trip that will include Cali. Also, if we can we will be in Utah in December. What are your plans??

KATHY said...

I miss you !!

Makaio said...

The picture of sloane sleeping in her car-seat isn't even on your trip to Cali. She is in mom and dad's car. Thats pretty funny. oh yeah look at the pic of sloane saying bye to leslie, she hates her aunt as much as i do. Freck you Leslie.

Anonymous said...

Makaio you suck, and my name spell Lesley not leslie.

J-lucky et Yuricita said...

OH my! She grow-up so fast! She's just so pretty and adorable!! She loves Onigiri it's very cool because I love that too! ;p