Friday, September 19, 2008

Sloane's incessant rash

We recommend Vaseline and Aquaphor. All other baby lotions are pretty much good for nothing, at least for us.


Kenny and Linsey said...

Nice PSA.

Kenny and Linsey said...

Public Service Announcement

Kristen said...

You guys are right about all baby lotions being worthless, most of them can do more damage than good. Did the doctor say what he thought the rash was?

There are many causes of rashes, and babies get them easily. One of the biggest causes is just over-heating. Many babies are dressed too warm, or have a blanket on when they don't need it. A baby older than one month is comfortable wearing the exact amount of clothing/blankets as you are. Rashes caused by heat can be very irritating, but usually they can clear up within a day or so.

Eczema is also very common. Lotions can actually improve this rash (like aquaphor).

You can also try bathing her less frequently - sometimes bathing dries their skin out more and removes the oils that can help clear up the rash.

Sometimes doctors will prescribe a cortisone cream, which is ok to use if the doctor recommended it, but don't use it otherwise.

I know...not very profound ideas, but those are the things I thought of. I hope something makes it go away.