Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beckham and Sloane

Sloane's first soccer game is LA Galaxy vs. Chivas USA.

The main reason we went was to check out #23 David Beckham.

We had pretty good seats so we had a nice vantage point to check out the goods.

It was a wild game. Both of these teams are based in LA and this was the last regular season game.
Beckham and the Galaxy won!!

Later he came up into the stands to take a few pictures with Sloane.
She was looking pretty cute that day, too.

It gets surprisingly cold in LA.

Sloane examining the pictures that our friend We took. Every shot has to be just right or Sloane won't stand for it. She demands to see each shot after it's taken to inspect the results.
I think this one turned out pretty good.


the farlanderz said...

so nice of beckham to come up to get a few photos with sloane.
can't wait to see you guys over christmas! new years plans anyone?

Linsey said...

She is pretty cute. Dad

laqne said...

She is way cute! Looking so Posh next to Beckam
~ Lane

rian said...

We went to the Chivas vs. SLC Real game a couple of weeks ago and it was so much fun. Glad we could share an event even though we are states apart. Love the photo of Sloane!