Sunday, November 29, 2009


We spent Thanksgiving weekend visiting family in Phoenix, AZ. Sloane got to see her cousin Taylor and this is one of the few shots in which they're both looking at the camera.
One of the reasons why we went to Phoenix was to give Sloane the chance to meet her great grandmother Gebby. Sloane wasn't very happy but she did her best to be a good girl, even if she didn't have a nap that day. It was also important for her to were her new purple onesie--thanks to Grandeur.

She spent a lot of time out in Gebby's front lawn (rock garden) with Grandeur.
We gave Sloane pigtails for the first time this weekend. Her hair has finally grown enough so that we can do more interesting things with it.
At the zoo they had a little petting area with a bunch of goats. Sloane's cousin Jacob showed her how to pet the goats.
Then she was brave enough to do it on her own.

Sloane and Taylor on the lookout tower over the Giraffe enclosure.

She started to smile at the end of the day. But for the most part the pictures all looked like this:

The Phoenix Zoo is not as good as other zoos, but they had this cool monkey area where we could get really close to the monkeys.


the farlanderz said...

haha. love the photo of the girls with such somber faces. can't wait to see you guys next month-

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laqne said...

That first photo is totally hilarious! They are so cute. It was so good to see you and I loved driving with Solane and her car songs.

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