Sunday, November 1, 2009


Sloane's Halloween costume: angel. We went treat-or-tricking this year with our friends in our apartment complex. We went up to meet our friends, the Floods, to get ready for the event.

Sloane was eyeing some of the other dressed up kids; this was a pretty good batman.
Jaimie's son Gage made a good-looking UPS delivery man.

Thanks to mommy for a beautiful angel costume.

At first, she didn't understand what to do with the candy, so daddy taught her that she was to put it in the trick-or-treat bag. She picked it up pretty quickly, though.

Sloane and Bentley.

Sloane waiting in line behind Claire for her candy.

Sloane in glowing radiance with Braydon.

An angel and a devil.

Shea, Sloane, Claire, and Braydon. Auntie Kathy and Zi Zhen came and joined us.


Linsey said...

Her costume is terrific -- Yea Grace!! So now the question is, did she get to eat any of the candy she collected?

the farlanderz said...

I love warm socal halloweens.

Sloane is the perfect angel -

jesse said...

She is a cutie. Love you all, Grandest

laqne said...

That is the best! There aren't too many Angels these days. Her pose in that last pic is so funny! Grace you make a very pretty devil as well.
~ Lane

Our Side of Paradise said...

You know what Linsey, this is the first time she ever tasted candy, we started her off on some skittles. But I don't think she will have any more for a while.
Thanks Lane, I love my devil costume too..haha..

K. Crisler said...

So adorable. I miss you guys! I wish you lived close so Taylor and Sloane could play every day!